Catchy is private by design. There’s no need to log in to store your favourite stops, and there is no tracking of what you personally do in the app. No third-party trackers or cookies are in place at all, and none of your personal information is stored.

Third parties

Catchy is hosted on Vercel. They have provided details about what data they collect about you (the “end-user”). If you are concerned about what they do with your identifying data, you should probably read it.

Catchy’s maps are provided by Mapbox. They have a clear overview of what they do with the anonymised usage data they collect.

Snapper balances are retrieved from Snapper using details you provide. Catchy keeps no record of your Snapper card details, or any information returned from Snapper. Snapper’s privacy policy outlines the details they collect about you and what they do with that information.

If you have any questions or concerns about Catchy’s use of your data, contact